Digital technology, media convergence and a global market for stock images
Johannes Glueckler

The market for stock images includes all picture agencies and archives that commercially trade usage rights of still (photography) and moving images (video footage). Over the last 15 years the market has experienced major changes induced by digitalization of photography and electronic commerce: "Digital technology and royalty-free photos have dramatically shaken up the market's environment, and redefined fundamental business parameters", says Prof. Glückler. These changes are closing old market niches while opening new windows of business opportunity. Traditional agencies have been disappearing whereas young companies have been emerging with new business concepts. How do agencies adapt to the current challenges of digitization, media convergence, globalization, IP issues etc.?

The goal of this research group is to analyze the ways in which the picture business has been transofrming and how picture agencies are facing these changes to adapt to the new market environment. We aim to analyze why some strategies are more successful than others and how agencies can respond to an increasingly globalizing picture business.

The research group aims to create a deeper insight into the global stock image market and to share this knowledge with the industry. What is needed apart from the expertise of business insiders is more systematic research on the changes, challenges and opportunities in the global stock image market.